One Word: WARIS by Kyla Marshell

Jewelry designer. Actor. Conservationist. It Guy. I spoke with renaissance man-about-town for the fall issue of Kinfolk Magazine, online and on newsstands now. We talk about his sabbatical from jewelry design, his work with elephants, and how humans are destroying the planet (!). And as always with Kinfolk, the photography is to die for.

Interview with Benjamin Booker by Kyla Marshell


Check out my piece on the singer-songwriter-guitarist Benjamin Booker in the new issue of Kinfolk Magazine (issue 29) on newsstands and online now! A native Floridian, he talked about transitioning to L.A. (by way of an open-ended vacation to Mexico City), and how James Baldwin inspired him to be a witness, and then some.

Watch the video for his lovely song "Believe" below:

Interview with Ngugi wa Thiong'o by Kyla Marshell

I got to speak with the great Ngugi wa Thiong'o, Kenyan author, scholar, activist and all around non-word mincer about his new memoir Wrestling with the Devil, which covers his year of unjust imprisonment in Kenya, back in 1978.

“If I meet an English person, and he says, ‘I write in English,’ I don’t ask him ‘Why are you writing in English?’ If I meet a French writer, I don’t ask him, ‘Why don’t you write in Vietnamese?’ But I am asked over and over again, ‘Why do you write in Gikuyu?’"

Plus, we have the same birthday!

Desus + Mero = <3 by Kyla Marshell

I got to talk to my favorite late-night TV hosts whom I watch the next day on the VICELAND app...Desus and Mero! Read our "30 Minutes with..." convo on the Guardian here.

Ps: Mero is like a puppy dog, and #DarkDesus is really a thing :D :D :D

Voicing Counterpoint: An interview with Tyehimba Jess by Kyla Marshell

"I felt like it’s always interesting to get as many sides of a story as you can. A contrapuntal poem has the capability of bringing two people together and having them talk in a way that is very hard to duplicate." - Tyehimba Jess

Words and music! My two loves! Here's my conversation with poet Tyehimba Jess, whose new book OLIO reanimates the lives of 19th century black musicians--everyone from Scott Joplin and Blind Boone, to Sissieretta Jones and the McKoy Twins. Plus, some of the poems you can tear out and fold into new forms/ways of reading. Hashtag: innovation.